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Warmington Gallery

Set up as four period rooms from a plantation house, this gallery recreates the colonial lifestyle of the planter class during the mid-18th to late 19th centuries. Glassware, ceramics, silver, furnishings and fine art textiles are lavishly displayed within this gallery which takes the form of a master bedroom, nursery, dining room, and living room.  Items of particular interest are the locally made 1830’s West Indian mahogany four-poster bed and the mahogany Chippendale piecrust table. The dining room features a large mahogany sideboard and dining table set with exquisite ceramic ware from the Farley Hill Collection.

Jack Warmington, the namesake of the Warmington Gallery was an Englishman who made Barbados his home. His antique collection was eclectic and encompassed furniture, paintings, silver, china and glass and he was a cornerstone of the Society’s Antique Circle during its lifetime.
The Farley hill collection is named for the Farley Hill Estate, now the Farley Hill National Park. Farley Hill House was one of the most impressive mansions in Barbados. It was owned by Sir Graham Briggs, a wealthy British planter and legislator in the mid-nineteenth century and he gifted the museum with the traditional Barbadian furniture and exquisite ceramics that make up the collection.
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