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Harewood Gallery

This colourful gallery is a must for all those with an interest in the flora and fauna of Barbados. Using displays and dioramas, the exhibit vividly depicts the ecology of the coral reef and its marine life and the development of the mangrove swamps and sea grasses. The exhibits explore areas such as the fishing industry, the conservation and protection of sea turtles and the harvesting of sea-eggs (urchins). It also informs visitors about Barbados’ natural environment and its protection. Species of extinct and endangered animals are featured as well as the migratory birds which visit Barbados every year. 

The Gallery is named after the Earl of Harewood who made extensive contributions to the Museum including donating the flooring to create this gallery. The Earl of Harewood is a member of the Lascelles Family who are linked to Barbados as planters and investors in the slave trade.
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