The Shilstone Memorial Library

A welcome resource for academics, students, authors, families and amateur historians, the Shilstone Memorial Library is the Reference and Research Library serving the Barbados Museum & Historical Society. Offering a wealth of information, it supports historical research at the national and institutional levels and is a fantastic tool for interested persons conducting personal research.

The Shilstone Memorial Library has a curated collection of over 7,000 monographs, journals and pamphlets dedicated to Barbadian and Caribbean history and heritage. It boasts a rare book collection of 17th, 18th and 19th century imprints, as well as unique collections such as the Shilstone Notebooks. In addition to its print collection, the Library offers a digital collection which includes rare books that have been digitised for easy access, as well as documents such as the Lascelles Slavery Archive. It also provides a fascinating historical and genealogical database for remote users. 

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