Mission & Vision


To collect, document and conserve evidence of Barbados’ cultural, historical and environmental heritage; and to interpret and present this evidence for all of society.  


To be the premier institution for dynamic cultural and heritage experiences. 

Mission Tenets

We will strive to achieve our Vision by: 

  • Fostering a working environment for staff that is purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling;
  • Providing our members, value-added benefits, special programming and a greater feeling of shareholder ownership in the organisation;
  • Serving a culturally and socially diverse Barbadian and international community and striving to make our heritage experiences accessible to all sectors of society;
  • Stimulating and supporting students and researchers in life-long learning, creative and intellectual endeavour and the dissemination of knowledge, ideas and information;
  • Delivering to customers and clients, timely, efficient, scholarly and relevant programming, products and services;
  • Engendering increased confidence from Government by means of timely reporting, sharing our expertise, illustrating efficient utilisation of our subvention and coordinating key collaborative projects on Government’s behalf;
  • Adhering to the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Code of Ethics and engaging in international best practice in collection management, conservation, interpretation, heritage resources management and museum development for the enhancement of the heritage of Barbados; and
  • Improving our prominent position in Barbados’ cultural, intellectual, social and corporate life through strategic partnerships with relevant communities and good governance of the Museum.

Core Values

As we pursue our Mission and strive to achieve to our Vision, we continue be guided by the following: 

  • Valuing People: developing a willingness and ability to listen to and appreciate the worth of each individual’s ideas, perspectives, analyses, and conclusions; being able to build highly effective relationships with other people. 
  • Integrity: being trustworthy and standing for what is right; being faithful to the values, ethics and best practices of the profession/industry.
  • Respect: treating all persons with courtesy and dignity; complying with leadership protocols and rules of authority; conducting and carrying oneself in a civil manner;
  • Responsiveness: striving to satisfy individual needs while maintaining the highest standards of performance;
  • Life-long learning: continuously attaining knowledge and experience; keeping up-to-date with the latest ideas, trends and developments in one’s profession;
  • Participation: being involved and contributing to ensure the success of the programme, team, and ultimately, the organisation;
  • Equity: giving to each his due according to the sense of natural rights and justice.

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