Museum Staff

Management Team

Alissandra Cummins

Ms. Alissandra Cummins

Kevin Farmer

Mr. Kevin Farmer

Deputy Director
Anne Bancroft

Ms. Anne Bancroft

Chauntel Thomas

Ms. Chauntel Thomas

Development Officer
Kaye Hall

Ms. Kaye Hall

Education and Community Outreach Officer
Errol Clarke

Mr. Errol Clarke

Finance Officer
Harriet Pierce

Ms. Harriet Pierce

Leshay Drayton

Ms. Leshay Drayton

Marketing & Events Officer

Curatorial Team

Allison Callender

Mrs. Allison Callender

Curator Art/Art History
Natalie McGuire-Batson

Mrs. Natalie McGuire-Batson

Curator Social History and Engagement
Angela Boyce

Mrs. Angela Boyce

Cherrie Parris-Bourne

Cherrie Parris-Bourne

Assistant Curator

Marketing and Events Team

Elena Pinder

Mrs. Elena Pinder

Communications Coordinator
Elizabeth Hinds

Ms. Elizabeth Hinds

Tour Guide
Andrina Cadogan

Ms. Andrina Cadogan

Events Coordinator
Kandacey Rollock

Ms. Kandacey Rollock

Receptionist & Shop Assistant

Administration Team

Casandra Griffith

Ms. Casandra Griffith

Executive Assistant
Prince Leonce

Mr. Prince Leonce

Facilities and Maintenance Supervisor
Jacqueline Cumberbatch

Ms. Jacqueline Cumberbatch

Administrative Assistant–Accounts

Technical and Maintenance Staff

Sandra Brathwaite

Ms. Sandra Brathwaite

Support Staff
Movita Baptiste

Ms. Movita Baptiste

Support Staff
Shaquan Inniss

Mr. Shaquan Inniss

Akeel Clarke

Mr. Akeel Clarke

Grounds Staff
Leon Walters

Mr. Leon Walters

Grounds Staff

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