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The Jubilee Gallery and exhibition “In search of Bim” traces the pre-historic and historic development of Barbados up to the 1940s. Chronicling a period of over 4,000 years of humanity on the island, it captures the early habitation of the Amerindian peoples, and leads into the transition to the plantation society along with the consequential enslavement of Africans and their descendants. The story continues with freedom fighting of enslaved people as well as eventual Emancipation in 1838. The exhibit continues with informative displays about the social and economic circumstances after emancipation, as well as the growth of local enfranchisement and government and social changes which challenged the continued oppression in Barbados. The exhibition concludes with a view of culture and industry in pre-Independence Barbados, including indigenous architecture, sport, fishing, and craft.

The Jubilee Gallery was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 1983 Jubilee. The museum had undergone major renovations and this newly retrofitted gallery was reopened, and named to commemorate the Queen’s visit to Barbados as part of her Jubilee celebrations.
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