Re(w)riting History

Re(w)riting History is a popular series produced in partnership with the Department of History and Philosophy at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. Inspired by the belief that no society can develop without an understanding of its history, this series confronts stereotypes to stimulate reassessment of Caribbean social and cultural history. Above all, it seeks to make that history available to everyone. Titles in the series include:

  • Rekindling the ancestral memory: King Ja Ja of Opobo in St. Vincent and Barbados, 1888-1891 by Edward L Cox

    King Ja Ja of Opobo was a West African ruler in the late nineteenth century, who through industriousness and a head for commerce transitioned from a sale in West Africa to a King who was then exiled to the Caribbean.  A tale of rags to riches, triumph and treachery, this publication provides details about King Ja Ja’s extraordinary life.

  • Ann Gill: The Making of a Barbadian National Hero by Alan Cobley

    When it came to keeping her congregation together in a society that was being torn apart, Ann Gill did everything that she could. Find out more about this amazing woman whose name was actually not ‘Sarah’ in this publication which portrays the only female Barbadian National Hero as a woman of her time and considered all of the complications created by our modern perspective of her.

  • Bussa Bussa: The 1816 Revolution in Barbados - Hilary McD Beckles

    One of Barbados’ national heroes, Bussa is truly a Barbadian icon. This publication delves deeper into the man behind the 1816 rebellion - the largest slave revolt in Barbadian history.

  • A Kind of Right to be Idle: OLD DOLL Matriarch of Newton Plantation by Karl Watson

    An often-unseen portrayal of the dynamics of the plantocracy and enslaved people, this publication tells the story of Old Doll and her family, and the positioning the famous court case involving a formerly enslaved black man and a white planter as an explanation for their ‘right to be idle’

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