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The Barbados Museum & Historical Society is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated 2023 Journal—now available for exploration! In Volume LXIX, embark on a captivating journey through various facets of Caribbean history, heritage, and culture.

Dive into articles covering diverse subjects such as the evolution of Steel Pan in Barbados and the intricacies of our land and housing developments. Immerse yourself in the latest works from esteemed authors Trevor G Marshall, Roslyn Russell, Patricia Stafford, and Martin Cox and discover fresh perspectives from new contributors to the journal, Karen Proverbs and Max Chiomento.

Explore narratives on the influence of Barbadians abroad and the struggles for autonomy on home soil. Experience the latest volume of the journal—your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and insights. Don't miss out—delve into the pages of the 2023 Journal today!

About The Barbados Museum:

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society was founded in 1933 and dedicated to the preservation, research and exhibition of all things Barbadian. Through its programming activities, it aims to provide a space in which persons learn about our history and explore our culture and heritage. The Barbados Museum & Historical Society is housed in historic buildings which were originally used as the military prison at St. Ann’s Garrison. During the 18th century, the Caribbean was the scene of numerous military conflicts, primarily between England and France who fought for supremacy. The building of garrisons, forts and naval dockyards throughout the region was a direct result. The present site is situated within the World Heritage Property of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.




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