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The Barbados Museum & Historical Society Launches its 2021 Journal

Barbados’ move towards a Republic and the removal of the Lord Nelson statue; both iconic developments in the social and political landscape of the island, are captured in the newest volume of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society’s Journal.

Launched via ZOOM on Monday January 10th, 2022, the December 2021 Journal of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society was introduced amongst an audience of authors, contributors, and representatives from the Museum; including President Sir Trevor Carmichael, Council and Committee members and Director Ms Alissandra Cummins, who expressed her gratitude to the authors in her opening remarks.

“We can’t thank our authors enough for the development of new knowledge in Barbados over a series of topics. I look forward to the dissemination of the Journal, not just to members, but to each of the organizations who are currently stakeholders in the Journal and most particularly our greatest partner in this project, the University of the West Indies”.

During the launch, audiences were also addressed by Dr Henderson Carter, Chair of the Publications and Public Programming Committee who shared that the Journal has something for everyone, especially teachers and students at the Secondary and Tertiary level. “We have Marcia Nurse’s article on the 1816 War and Simmons Plantation and this is very important for the STEM and CAPE students. There is also Kathleen Monty’s piece on coffee cultivation in Jamaica, another useful piece at all levels”.

Dr Carter commended Journal editor, Professor Pedro Welch and the authors for making a journal “that appeals to the broad cross section of Barbadian society”. Echoing his remarks, Professor Pedro Welch shared a summary of his editorial which captured the momentous political developments witnessed in 2021. “It is in this context that the Museum Journal seems to capture these very important moments in our social and political development. What we tried to do in the editorial is to capture the evolution of politics in Barbados, the evolution of a parliamentary tradition.”

The morning’s proceedings were concluded by President of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Sir Trevor Carmichael. He remarked that “this is a piece of outstanding scholarship which is here not only to be read in a serious fashion but just to be enjoyed. I feel comfortable in taking the liberty and license in my capacity as President of the society to commend to the reading public, this excellent work under the editorship and excellence of the erudite Professor Emeritus Pedro Welch.”

The 2021 Journal of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society could not have been possible without the kind and continued support of Chancery Chambers, Altman Real Estate, Oran Limited, Harris Paints, Simpson Motors, the Exchange Interactive Centre, Foursquare Rum Distillery, Carter’s, West Indian Rum Distillery, Consumers Guarantee Insurance, Goddard’s Enterprises Ltd, COT Printery and Sally Miller of Miller Publishing, who designed the publication.

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society Launches its 2021 Journal

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